Una-Kariim A. Cross (unakariim) is a focused and driven leader in the arts and education.  As an Organizational Strategist, Una-Kariim works to provide guidance to businesses and educational institutions on strategies to build robust pipelines for success through arts, athletics, and technology.

Additionally, Una-Kariim is working with organizations to cultivate leadership capacity in individuals and teams, while working with corporations and other organizations to establish contemporary, dynamic, and sustainable corporate responsibility and diversity initiatives.

Una-Kariim A. Cross is a proven educational leader she completed the New York New Leaders Emerging Leaders Program, was selected as a New York City Master Teacher, worked as a consultant and curriculum writer for the New York Public Library Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, and serves as a volunteer for the 14+ Foundation Education Committee.  Una-Kariim was also selected to participate in the Whitney Museum Educator Fellows (Teacher Exchange).

A passion that unifies her work as Organizational Strategist , writer, and educator is her passion for connecting people and working with people to connect the dots.  Throughout all of her work Una-Kariim has met and networked with numerous people from all walks of life; she understands that all people want to succeed and exceed their potential, organizations and corporations want to do the same and Una-Kariim wants to work with organizations that are ready to develop and expand in strategic and unprecedented ways.

Una-Kariim is also available to speak at your conference or symposium on urban education, arts education, and the necessity of partnerships and capacity building.

For more information contact:  unakariim@gmail.com

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